Lagniappe Goldens

We offer beautiful European English
Cream Golden Retriever puppies to qualified buyers. 

We are a family who simply adores European English Cream Golden Retrievers -- and want to share that love with others by responsibly breeding quality English Cream Golden Retrievers. Our dogs are cherished members of our family, and we hope to share that experience with others.  


We are expecting a litter of English Cream Golden Retriever puppies on October 28--meaning that these will be Christmas puppies!  They will go home to their new families just days before Christmas!!!  We are especially excited about this litter, and can't wait to meet Rose's gorgeous new puppies.  We are currently FULL for this litter.  What at exciting time at our house this fall with a litter of beautiful and adorable puppies!  This Christmas, we will definitely be saying our blessings for these lovely puppies.

Although Rose's litter is fully reserved, we are accepting reservations for our next litter with Tinkerbell.  We anticipate Tinkerbell will go into heat this Fall (probably late October/early November).  The puppies would be born in early 2022 and would go home to their new families in early Spring 2022.  Tinkerbell is such a wonderful mother, and it is always such a special time when she is nursing and playing with her puppies.  We can't wait! 

Please contact us by email, text, or phone if you would like more information...or would like to reserve one of our precious puppies!  We look forward to getting to know you!

Why the name? 

Lagniappe is the southern term for a little something extra special !


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The puppies from our October Litter will go home to their new family at Christmas 2021!

Our October 2021 Litter is fully reserved.  We are now accepting applications for our early Spring 2022 Litter with Tinkerbell