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Stud Breeding -

Louie Louie YaYaYaYaYa


We are honored to offer Louie Louie Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya (or just Louie as we call him!) as an available proven Stud Dog.  We acquired Louie as a puppy, and have lovingly watched him grow into a magnificent and beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever!  

Louie has excellent health clearances, a champion pedigree, and an absolutely charming temperament -- what more could you ask for!

Louie's pedigree is unbelievable.  His Sire is the International Champion, National Champion, Honors Champion Forrest Gump Host of Angels; his Grandsire is the renowned International Show Champion Ashbury Angel Heart; his Grand Dam is the 2010 Junior World Winner Billie Jean Host of Angels from Austria, and his Great Great Grandsire is one of the highest winning Golden Retrievers of all time--Paudell Pure Passion!  Similarly, Louie's Dam is International and National Junior Champion Sunnyfields Destinys Dream; his Grand Dam is Hungarian Show Champion Sunnyfield's Milky Way, and his Grand Grand Dam is Multi-National Champion Sunnyfield's All that Magic.  Wow!


Louie has OFA health clearances for hips, eyes, heart and elbow.  He is clear from ICT, PRA1, and PRA2.  For more information, check out k9data at 


Finally, Louie's temperament and look is ideal.  He squarely meets the AKC official standard for Golden Retrievers--he is a symmetrical, powerful, active dog who is sound and well put together. He displays a kind expression and, most importantly, he is eager, alert, self-confident and has an unbelievably loving personality.  


Louie only participates in quality breeding programs, and we offer both Natural Breeding, as well as Artificial Insemination, to breeders locally and shipped Fresh Chilled Semen to approved females.  


Please contact us if you are interested in Louie, his offspring, or our services. 


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