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Professor Oliver Plum "Ollie"

     Professor Oliver Plum, known to us as simply "Professor Plum" was named "Professor Oliver Plum" in honor of his original name and our son, Oliver!  Ollie now lives with his incredibly wonderful family in Houston.  He has traveled extensively, goes camping with his family, and is even being trained to serve as a therapy dog.  His new owner writes, "The goal is that he'll be trained as a therapy dog so we can bring him everywhere, including nursing homes and homeless shelters so that he can bring his love and light everywhere...we love him so much!  We seriously ADORE this dog, love him more every day...cannot imagine life without him.  He brings so much joy to the family, it's unfathomable.  We thank God every day for your family and this beautiful, beloved puppy you helped bring in to the world, and into our home and hearts!!!!"

     During the COVID pandemic, Ollie and his family rented a camper and traveled all over the United States.  We can't think of a better way to spend the summer than camping with your family and dog in America's glorious national parks! 


At Olympic National Park in Washington

Camping with a boy and his dog on the doesn't get better than this!

Ollie in leaves 2.jpg
Therapy Dog.jpg

In addition to being a great family pet, Ollie is a certified Therapy Dog.

38 Days Old and first time outside to play!



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